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Nightlife offers a modest repair service to get your gear back up and running. We have in house techs that can do most guitar & bass repairs as well as some amp work. If we can't repair something in house, we work with local techs that will make your gear like new. Nightlife can also send some items in for warranty work.

electric bass guitar detail

Guitar & Bass

  • Standard, Floyd, Folk 

  • Restrings

  • Finishing

  • Nut or saddle install

  • Truss Rod

  • Bridge Height/Saddle

  • Intonation

  • Nut Adjustment

  • Cleaning

  • Electronics Repair/Cleaning/Install

Circuit Board


  • Speakers

  • Subs

  • Mixers

  • Lights

  • Amps

  • Rack Gear

  • Guitar & Bass Electronics

  • Pedals

amplifier and guitar


  • Jack Cleaning

  • Pot Cleaning

  • Electronics Check

  • Testing

  • Hardware Replacement

  • Tube Installation



  • If you have purchased an item from us and it is under warranty, we can send it to the dealer for you!

Drum Sticks


  • Parts Replacement

  • Cleaning

  • Tuning

  • Head Replacement

guitar knobs.png

Misc. Parts

  • Need some new parts for a bit of self repair? We can get in a variety of things from our vendors.

  • Knobs

  • Power Adapters

  • Remotes

  • Switches

  • Ports and Jacks

  • Other Items

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